Wednesday, October 7, 2009

War on [people who use] Drugs has FAILED! Write Congress & leaders now.

None of our efforts will matter if we don’t convince the people who have the guts to write their leaders and congress that the War on Drugs has failed miserably. We must explain to them that we live in fear, we are forced to hide a part of ourselves, and we just want to be able to use a perfectly harmless herb to de-stress or feel a little better about the messed up world we are forced to live in. We wish to do so without persecution from every angle.

We must be brave enough to write a letter or email to our leaders. They must know what we go through every day. They must understand how senseless this warring attitude is; because most of us (Hemp supporters) are perfectly good productive citizens who just want to have a fun life and a much lower stress level. Hard to do these days, isn’t it?

Let your opinion be known! It’s the only way we will ever get through to our government. Greed and the War on Drugs are destroying our families, our friends, and our self respect as a nation. Write your congressmen (all of them) before its too late. That’s how we saved our National Parks. We got involved. We got angry when big business tried to destroy the most beautiful places on our continent and we spoke up loudly. We sent people to Washington DC. We made a lot of noise. Let’s do it again and reign in Big Money interests. Don’t you think legitimate Hemp industries are a beautiful idea?

Government controls us too much. Let’s take back our government by doing our jobs as our government’s overseers. Write an email! Do your job for America and planet Earth. The World is watching to see when we will finally say “ENOUGH!! THE BEST THING IN AMERICA IS NOT THE MONEY!”

We want to be allowed to grow our own stress relieving, relaxing herbs on our back porch. We promise to do our best to keep our kids out of it. If our leaders would just give us a tiny little piece of our former freedoms back, the world would change overnight. We would stop being so angry and unproductive if we didn’t have Big Brother breathing down our necks at every turn, so much so that we are afraid to even discuss our ideas and opinions. Check out Law Enforcement Against Prohibition for more info from the pros.

We want the farmers to be allowed to grow Hemp to help feed, clothe, and shelter us. We want our planet back and we want the opportunity to prove we can help save her. Many of us want to be small farmers; it is simply not a profitable profession anymore. Hemp grows 12’-20’ every year and it replaces the need for trees in paper production (and the paper from Hemp is stronger. Most Bibles were printed on Hemp paper). Hemp researchers are persecuted and stopped (sometimes accidentally), even though there is very little research being attempted due to the long, destructive arm of our DEA and the blindness of our federal government.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pay your taxes with hemp from your back yard AGAIN? This actually was possible before 1937. Wouldn’t you prefer that Afghanistan and similar countries become more self sufficient with Hemp products instead of Poppies? Before 1937 Hemp was the equivalent of cash. Now it’s tobacco, the killer. Hemp never killed anyone, never will. Why are we still allowing this deadly farce? Let’s all do our job as members of our government and demand sensible debate and change from ALL our leaders now. Things are only getting worse with our silence.

We are tired of watching old growth forests disappear, animal species become extinct, oil spills in sensitive areas, tar and garbage on our beaches, and all sorts of greedy, ignorant misbehavior. We want our government to work for us, the people, not money. The only way to accomplish this is to TELL GOVERNMENT WHAT WE WANT LOUDLY, over and over again if necessary. We must WRITE or EMAIL our leaders. We must stop being afraid to make a difference. It’s the only way!

Feel free to use Ctrl-C (copy) and Ctrl-V (paste) from any of my examples and letters. Please write our leaders. Please. [All this] Insanity [is] making Mongo crazy…. ;?)~
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