Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Draft letter to World Leaders (work in progress, comments requested)

To All World Leaders, Great and Small.

I would like the chance to discuss a terrible injustice being continued against the American people and the people of the world, especially the farmers. Does anyone there really see the big picture? I demand the opportunity to prove to you and Americans that almost every problem issue at the forefront of modern times is related to the persecution of the versatile, prolific, malady resistant Cannabis Hemp plant. The fact that you may be snickering or rolling your eyes right now is evidence of the seriousness of this injustice and the outright charade that is used to keep this advantageous cash crop unavailable to Americans and the citizens of Earth.

Here is a partial list of advantages Cannabis Hemp provides:

Ten major industries would flourish with Hemp’s reintroduction.
Food, Healthy Food, Food Oils and protein
Building Materials and Housing
Textiles and fabrics
Pulp Paper and Fiber
Rope, Twine, Cordage
Canvas and Sails, all types
Paints & Varnishes
Industrial Oils, Lubricants
Energy, both Hemp Oil derived and Bio Mass
Medicine, Marijuana has many applications in health and wellness care; nutrition, illness prevention, relief medication for the severely and terminally ill, end of life counseling and therapy applications…………
Smoking, leisure, & creativity (look at amounts spent on killer tobacco)

That’s twelve. What about economic stability worldwide, profit, competition, and free trade? What about the Terrorism and Organized Crime connections to the illegal drug trade? This is a very serious crime being committed against a very seriously beneficial plant, all in the name of profit (or progress, greed, dividends, monopoly, advancement of society, anti-terrorism, McCarthy-ism, whatever you wish to call it). It is purely backwards thinking to laugh at an issue so serious as the Hemp Prohibition issue.

I’m referring to the You Tube clip I watched in which President Obama was discussing problem topics that were popularly requested by the American people. In this clip the President mentions the words ‘Legalize Marijuana’ and everyone in the place seems to snicker, chuckle, or laugh.


Families are being ripped apart by the harsh enforcement of the Marijuana laws alone. Why are people who just want to feel better considered criminals? Why do they feel so bad in the first place? Fear, stress, shame, financial hardship (legal fees, loss of jobs…), deceit (users forced to deceive relatives and society to avoid confrontation or discovery), and suppression of freedom (of choice) are only a few of the maladies that prevail in the current social atmosphere. These maladies lead to sickness, depression, crime, extreme anger toward government leaders and unproductive behavior (‘if the government can act ignorant, petty, and unproductive, so can I’). These detriments to society may only be the tip of the iceberg where the campaign to eradicate Hemp is concerned. Research on these issues seems to be severely lacking. Focus needs to return to the roots of our problems, beginning with the roots of the Cannabis Hemp plant (renamed Marijuana in 1937 by racists, bigots, yellow journalists, and unethical people seeking to increase their profits unfairly and control the public). These unethical people did a fantastic job of demonizing something truly great. Hemp can be provided to us abundantly by the Earth (or God, if you think religiously).

On the subject of God, I personally think God did not make a mistake. The Hemp plant was put here to help humanity survive and prosper, just like his son Jesus. Supposedly another ignorant government wiped Jesus from the face of the Earth and persecuted his followers as well. Why must history always repeat itself? Why must we be so blind to the truth?

I demand more research and open debate on this subject. As an American (natural born) citizen I have the right to demand that my government act responsibly, ethically, and above all, truthfully. None of these traits are evident concerning your treatment of the Hemp/Marijuana issue which is of paramount importance to the entire planet RIGHT NOW.

Most facts were obtained from the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. Other facts are common knowledge, personal deduction and observation, or were obtained by simple searches on the Internet. The citizens of Earth demand that its leaders re-evaluate this horrible travesty of justice now. I believe farmers should actually sue someone for violations of anti-trust laws currently on the books. It’s too bad they’re too financially burdened to afford to do so. What attorney in their right mind would take a case like theirs ‘pro bono’?

Thank you for your consideration of the needs and rights of the American people and the inhabitants of Earth. I respectfully request prompt attention to this weighty issue.


Mongo (Kevin Lord)

(Speaking loudly for the citizens of Earth who see these truths and understand them, but are afraid)

Please see enclosed note concerning Hemp’s connections to the current health care crisis.

Cannabis Hemp’s connections to Health Care

Michael Roizen, M.D., chief medical officer, Cleveland clinic says the top four behavioral issues adversely affecting wellness care are tobacco, physical activity, food choices, and stress (from PBS Special on the Health Care Crisis). These four aspects of our need for lifestyle changes account for over 75% of our costs of medical care.

Here’s some examples of how I believe they all tie into the debate on Cannabis Hemp and Marijuana prohibition, adversely affecting the industry most needed on the planet, Agriculture. Our farmers ARE the ones who should be growing Hemp and Marijuana, not our criminals.

Food needs –farmer - Unable to grow highly profitable, harmless crop, thereby subsidizing vegetable and herb production. Foods from Hemp are highly nutritious. The crop is prolific, producing high volumes of grains and fibers per acre. There is much evidence of other health benefits pertaining to the consumption of hemp food products.

Tobacco – farmer – depletes soil, kills users, and competes with food production. It's very sad that the one that kills you and rapes the soil is legal; the one that’s good for body and soul is illegal. No discussion allowed. Research suppressed. The subject is taboo. Hemp formerly used in churches, religions worldwide; still used elsewhere for multiple applications.

Note. Phillip Morris stocks would have been the highest producer of wealth if one had bought stock when it was first issued. (PBS.org/moneytrack)

Physical Activity – farmer – chores, maintenance, gather eggs, feed livestock, prepare soil, plant, harvest, caring for family farm, all excellent exercise. Walking, horseback riding, things we used to do before cars and office jobs. Many unemployed persons living in tent cities might even consider a farming career, since things have changed so.

Stress – Hemp is the #1 stress relieving herb, virtually harmful side effect free, yet illegal. Stress of not being able to discuss the invalidity of its illegality with church, public, government, local civic groups or officials, without ridicule or persecution. The stupidity of the law (inspired by racism, corporate greed, monopoly, and unwholesome values) and the refusal of government to listen and fix this problem compound the stress.

American farmer should file antitrust suit against DuPont, Pfizer, etc…. This is monopoly. Evidence and testimony suppressed, farmers and industry not even given opportunity to defend themselves.

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