Monday, September 28, 2009

Poll: What is your terror/fear level?

Dear President Obama and White House Staff,

I fear for someone I know who either uses Marijuana, is involved with people who use Marijuana, or wants to see the Marijuana & Cannabis Hemp laws re-evaluated. This person wants to possibly re-industrialize hemp, use Marijuana for an illness, relieve stress, take a harmless ‘toke’ occasionally, or maybe they just associate with others who partake of the herb. I am afraid to speak loudly and proudly of my views because of the stigma attached to those who voice their opinion on this matter. I fear being labeled a stoner, criminal, slacker, terrorist, and such. I fear persecution for my beliefs. I believe the War on Drugs has gone too far. I believe the added stress and fear levels involved are negatively affecting the American family.

I would like to see a task force or other study to evaluate the numerous ill effects this ‘War’ campaign is having on the American public. I am stressed. I’m afraid to speak up.

If you agree with this statement, please leave a brief comment stating that you agree. I hope to use ONLY THE NUMBER of responses in my plea to the White House soon. Please do not comment if you truly disagree.

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