Monday, September 28, 2009

Why I quit smoking marijuana and threw out my bong. (and first began writing about it)


Marijuana cured me, but I kept smoking it. Marijuana, Marc Emery's and Jack Herer's courage, and my loving family all helped cure my deep depression. Then I realized that I was remaining silent because of my continued use of it. I simply didn't want to go to jail. I wouldn't be a very effective spokesman/activist from behind bars, would I? When I realized how much bickering and false reporting of the facts was out there on the airwaves, I knew I had to stay well without the medicine and get busy, fearlessly.

Save the planet. Be more than you are. Join me in stopping the lies.
Inform your brain of the truth and speak up about it. Those who do nothing for fear of being found out are only hurting the cause. Doing nothing for any other reason is also irresponsible as a citizen of Earth.

Earth (our home), and our grandchildren need what's in our brain right now. Will we dig it out and give it to them?? or will we just keep wasting time??? the answers are there, in our brains. we need them now!!! please help? The facts are everywhere.

Fortune Magazine is willing to speak up, will we??
To save the planet, what will we do?
Blog about Kanye?
Slam Joe Wilson's server? Donate to his campaign?
Keep wasting our brains on pointless celebrity gossip?
Lose control and disrupt a town hall meeting??
Keep using cuss words in our posts?
Get angry and yell at our flat screen or computer?
Take another toke and try to forget it?
Fix ourselves another tasty beverage?
Pop another pill?


What will you do to spread the truth?

What will our decendants think of us if we waste our brain power on mindless drivel and sit idly by? Our grandchildren and the planet need our help right now. Please help us save Earth. Why not start with learning the truth? Much free tv (and other) news is incomplete or heavily biased with rhetoric these days. I now watch PBS News since I'm stuck on RabbitEars. It's not controlled by corporations who treat you like idiots. PBS is not jammed so full of commercials that they don't have enough time to tell the whole story. And believe it or not, PBS is interesting and exciting! THE TRUTH IS ENTERTAINING!! We are learning so much new stuff about our universe that you will be amazed! I guarantee it! The neatest stuff I have ever seen is online right now for you to watch. NOVA, POV (Point of View), World News like you may have never seen it is right there waiting for you to give a hoot for your planet.

Please help now!! While the wave of change is still moving in the right direction and we have a chance to make a difference, won't you please help now? A beautiful mind is a terrible thing to waste. Your planet and your decendants will be soooo proud of you! If you're still reading this, THANK YOU!

Feel free to copy and paste with Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. Link to this post. Any non-violent means is necessary and is OK with me. Call it your idea, I don't care, as long as you DO SOMETHING GOOD. Make a difference with your big brain.


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